Sano maxima ultra fresh fabric softener & perfumer

Sano maxima ultra fresh fabric softener & perfumer

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Sano maxima ultra fresh fabric softener & perfumer

wearing fresh smelling clothes is pleasurable. the right scent can put you at ease or make you feel confident. during the whole laundry process, our nose is more often used than our eyes. before the wash we use our nose to decide whether a shirt or blouse needs washing this simply reflects that it is often easier to smell than to see that a garment needs cleaning. and after the wash we smell the garment again to determine whether it is clean. indeed garments laundered in unperfumed detergents are often considered by consumers not to be clean due to the absence of a fresh scent. when it comes to delivering a desirable laundry experience, freshness is essential. sano maxima softener and perfumer does just that, in addition to leaving a pleasing scent it also a fabric softener. you have never tried anything like sano maxima, at the end of the drying cycle, spray up to 10 times directly into the dryer on the laundry. turn dryer on for an additional 10 minutes on coldest sttings. you will notice the difference in your clothes. 750ml made in israel

Brand Holon
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Sano maxima ultra fresh fabric softener & perfumer
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